Mountains in Pakistan

8000-9000 Meters

mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan


Name Height Mountain Range
K2 8611 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Nanga Parbat 8126 Himalaya
Gasherbrum I 8068 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Broad Peak 8047 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Gasherbrum II 8035 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier


mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan

7000-8000 Meters

Name Height Mountain Range
Gasherbrum III 7952 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Gasherbrum IV 7925 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Disteghil Sar 7885 Karakoram, Shimshal, Muztagh
Kunyang Chhish 7852 Karakoram, Hispar-Muztagh
Masherbrum NE (K1) 7821 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Batura I 7795 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Rakaposhi 7788 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Batura II 7762 Karakoram,Batura Wall
Kanjut Sar 7760 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Batura I 7755 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Saltoro Kangri 7742 Karakoram, Saltoro Valley
Batura III 7729 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Trivor 7728 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Tirich Mir 7706 Hindukush
Chogolisa I 7665 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Shishpar Sar 7611 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Silberzacken 7597 Himalaya, Nanga Parbat Region
Batura IV 7594 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Unknown 7581 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Yukshin Garden 7530 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Passu Peak West 7500 Karakoram,Passu Massive
Pumari Chhish W 7492 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Noshaq 7492 Hundu Kush
Passu Sar 7476 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Malubiting W 7458 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Muchu Chhish (BaturaV) 7453 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Sia Kangri 7422 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Haramosh 7409 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Istoro-o-nal 7403 Hindu Kush
Unknown 7400 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Ultar I Peak 7388 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Sherpi Kangri 7380 Karakoram, Saltoro Valley
Saraghrar 7349 Hindu Kush
Momhil Sar 7343 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Jutmo Sar 7330 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Bojohagur Duanasir 7329 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Yazghill 7324 Karakoram, Shimshal & Boiber Valleys
Unknown 7300 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier
Passu Diar 7295 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Unknown 7295 Karakoram, Passu Massive, Hunza Valley
Malubiting C 7291 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Baintha Brak 7285 Karakoram, Biafo Glacier
Passu Peak 7284 Karakoram, Passu Massive
K6 7281 Karakoram, Hushe Valley
Baltoro Kangri 7280 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Unknown 7280 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Unknown 7274 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier
Muztagh Tower 7273 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Diran 7257 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Lupgar Sar C 7200 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Karum Koh 7164 Karakoram, Shimshal & Boiber Valleys
Hachindar Chhish 7163 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Snow Dome 7160 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Latok I 7151 Karakoram, Biafo Glacier
Latok II 7145 Karakoram, Biafo-Hispar
Kampir Dior 7143 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Unknown 7133 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier
Kunyang Chhish N 7108 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Udren Zom 7108 Hindu Kush
Kunyang Chhish 7108 Karakoram, Biafo Hispar
Ghenta Peak 7090 Karakoram, Hunza Valley
Riakot Peak 7070 Himalaya, Nanga Parbat Region
Sangemarmar Sar 7050 Karakoram, Hunza Valley
Link Sar 7041 Karakoram, Hushe Valley
Spantik 7027 Karakoram, Rakaposhi-Haramosh Muztagh
Mulungutti Sar 7025 Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh
Akher Chhish 7020 Hindu Kush
Pamiri Sar 7016 Karakoram, Batura Muztagh
Rakaposhi East 7010 Karakoram, Rakaposhi & Bagrot Valley
Unknown 7004 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier

mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan mountains in pakistan

6000-7000 Meters

Name Height Mountain Range
Laila Peak 6986 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
K7 6934 Karakoram, Hushe Valley
Beka Brakai Chhok 6882 Karakoram, Batura Wall
Vigne Peak 6874 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Koyo Zom 6871 Pechus Glacier, Kishmanja
Dut Sar 6858 Karakoram, Shimshal & Boiber Valleys
Angel Sar 6858 Karakoram, K2 & Concordia
Latok III 6850 Karakoram, Bisfo-Hispar
Chongra Peak 6830 Himalaya, Nanga Parbat Region
Miar Peak 6824 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Rhuparash 6785 Karakoram, Upper Nagar
Biarchedi 6781 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Seiri Porkush 6771 Karakoram, Batura Glacier West
F Trango Tower 6763 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Choricho 6756 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Biale Peak 6729 Karakoram, Muztagh Glacier
Trinity Peak 6700 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Mani Peak 6685 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Haramosh II 6666 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Thui I 6660 Ponarillo Glacier, Kishmanja
Gul Lasht Zom 6657 Hindu Kush, Lutkho Valley
Piaju Peak 6610 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Makrong Chhish 6607 Karakoram, Bisfo-Hispar
Gonalo Peak 6606 Himalaya, Nanga Parbat Region
Phuparash Peak 6574 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Buni Zom 6550 Hindu Kush, Shishi & Golen Valleys
Thui II 6523 Shetor Glacier, Thui Pass
Ghamubar I 6518 Ghamu Bar Glacier , Darkot
Noukarsich 6496 Karakoram, Lupghar Massive, Hunza
Honbrok 6459 Karakoram, Hushe Valley
Ghamubar II 6432 Ghamubar Glacier, Darkot
Uli Biaho 6417 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Koser Gunge 6401 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Namika Peak 6325 Karakoram, Hushe & Shyok Valleys
Urdukas I 6320 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Bullah 6294 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Purian Sar 6293 Karakoram, Pakore Pass
Mango Gusor 6288 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Great Trango Tower 6286 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Gama Sokha Lumbu 6282 Karakoram, Braldu River Valley
Urdukas II 6280 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Hunza Peak 6270 Karakoram, Hunza Valley
Marbal Peak 6256 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier
Crystel Peak 6252 Karakoram, Concordia & Baltoro Glacier
Ghuchhar Sar 6249 Hindu Kush, Shishi & Golen Valleys
Garmush 6244 Garmush Glacier, Darkot
H Trango Tower 6239 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Lobsang 6225 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Blatts Yaz 6191 Ghamubar Glacier, Darkot
Thui Zom 6158 Ghamubar Glacier, Darkot
Bilchar Dubani 6134 Karakoram, Bagrot-Haramosh Valleys
Urdukas III 6130 Karakoram, Baltoro Glacier
Chikar Zom 6110 Chatebori Glacier, Darkot Pass
Uli Biaho Tower 6109 Karakoram, Braldu Ruver Valley
Tupopdan 6106 Karakoram, Shimshal & Boiber Valleys
Darmyani 6090 Karakoram, Lupghar Massive, Hunza
Mingli Sar 6050 Karakoram, Shimshal & Boiber Valleys
Balti Peak 6050 Karakoram, Hushe Valley
Mitre Peak 6025 Karakoram, Concordia
Bublimating 6000 Karakoram, Hunza Valley
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